Our Leaders

Below are the leaders for this trip and a description of who they are, their background, and their WHY.  We all lead this trip once a year because we believe in its power to transform.  We are on a mission to develop strong, capable, compassionate women who have a wide perspective on the diversity of our country.

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Felicity Powers M.Ed.

When Felicity Powers told her professors in college that she wanted to study experiential learning and outdoor education they recommended that she stick to a more traditional path.  It is a good thing she didn't listen to them, and followed her heart.  Felicity has had the chance to work for the last 10 years as a teacher in project-based, experiential learning schools all over the country and internationally.  She prides herself in using the "world as her classroom", and watching the passion for learning and life light up her students.

Felicity Powers has a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction Design from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California.  She loves building inquiry place-based curriculum, and has done so in urban and rural places all over the U.S.

Born and raised in Alaska, Felicity brings with her the local knowledge of the area to really create a unique experience for her participants.  She has also traveled the U.S. extensively, and led groups of girls since 2002 in her time as a Girl Scout (Daisy-Senior). 

"I am passionate about showing girls their power.  I am with them on this journey to bring them out of their shell and inspire them to live their best life." --Felicity Powers 


Sandi Giver, MSW

Also from Alaska is Sandi Giver.  Giver is the author of One of Us: Sex, Violence, Injustice. Resilience, Love, Hope. Giver has over ten years of experience working in youth development, anti-trafficking in persons (TIP) and women's health issues directly with survivors of sexual assault as well as community organizing and policy reform.  She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and perspective as she guides us to ask tough questions and listen closely to the voices of those we encounter along the way.

Her experience is mostly with non-profit organizations in the United States, South East Asia, and East Africa. As a Peace Corps Volunteer from 2009-2011, Giver worked with formerly abducted child soldiers, child mothers, orphans, and vulnerable children where she facilitated classes dealing with the psycho social effects of PTSD in a post-conflict area.

Sandi is excited to be part of this trip and lead the girls in self-development and studying sociology and anthropology through experience and relationships.

Organic Chef and Yoga Instructor

We are looking for a certified yoga instructor and experienced chef looking for a little adventure.  Does cooking for 16 not daunt you? Can you easily prepare one pot meals at the van no matter where we are?  We are hiring this cooking guru!  Send us an email if this sounds like your kind of adventure!