ALASKA OR BUST- 60 day summer trip


ALASKA OR BUST- 60 day summer trip

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The Summer that changed your life.

June 17 - August 17th

We take 13 spirited young women ages 13-17 from diverse backgrounds on a perspective widening, curiosity driven, character building adventure from Washington, D.C.  on a zig-zagged journey across the continental U.S. and finishing in Alaska.  We travel not as tourists, but as inquisitive reporters, researchers, and experience seekers. 

Two months of intensive leadership and critical-thinking training led by certified teacher and curriculum designer.    13 girls and two female leaders trek across the country in search of understanding the diversity and beauty that gives the United States its strength.  We cook outdoors, sleep outdoors most nights, learn to pack light, and leave no trace.  We drive by van and spend time in national parks, small towns, and big cities documenting the people and places we encounter through video, photo, art, and story.

Led by a born and raised Alaskan, world traveler, and certified teacher, Felicity Powers builds and guides young ladies on a journey of a lifetime filled with challenges the build character and experiences that build greater understanding.



"We gain confidence and leadership skills as we interview people from all walks of life, invite leaders in local communities to share their struggles and victories in their work.  We work alongside artists and musicians. We engage in real conversations about equality. Our purpose is to practice real-world skills in self-sufficiency and independent living that build character.  We strengthen our ability to synthesis and analyze new experiences and information and publish our discoveries in a variety of mediums."


We learn by doing, asking good questions, and being open to different answers in challenging environments that push us to work together and realize how strong we are.  While embracing the vastness of our trip, we hold the small moments: the smell of the swamp in the Everglades, the sound of the saxophone on a sultry night in New Orleans, the taste of the fresh salmon in Alaska.  

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