Trips for 2018


Alaska or Bust!!! A road trip across America.

A Road Trip Across America.
An experiential learning and leadership trip for young women ages 13-17 that explores the diverse and vast environments, communities, and people across the continental U.S. and up to Alaska. Led by certified teachers and adventure lovers we take our students on a road trip in which the girls are learning hands on travel planning, map navigation, camp set up and take down, cooking on the road skills as we journey across America visiting some of the most unique and diverse cities and communties along the way.

We travel not as tourists, but as journalists, researchers, observers, and story recorders as we interview leaders, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners along the way.  There will be a service component as we meet and join in efforts that build up communities we pass through.  Each girl can choose a topic they are researching and build a paper/ research project over the course of 6000+ miles and 2 months on the road.

Winding on a zigzagged path across the U.S., our goal is to experience the immense beauty of national parks, and soak in the incredible diversity that makes up our country.  We take the ferry through the inside passage from Bellingham WA to Alaska, and end our trip learning how to fish for salmon, camping and canoeing under the stars, and a rites of passage ceremony in Denali National Park.







Photo by Leonardo Patrizi/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Leonardo Patrizi/iStock / Getty Images