Our Mission

Since 2002, we have embraced the value of travel as a lifestyle.  It has opened our eyes, expanded our understanding, stretched ourselves in ways we didn't know possible.  We want to take you on an adventure...

To explore the world with open hearts and minds in a way that engages the local community, respects the natural environment, and provides youth with a safe, but challenging platform for personal growth.  


Our Philosophy on Experiences that bring Growth.

“Catalyst Adventures has grown out of that fire inside us to keep exploring, defy limitations, and develop an appreciation for the diverse and amazing world we live in.”
— Felicity Powers, Founder of Alaska or Bust

What We've Achieved

  • We know our destinations.  This isn't our first rodeo.  We extensively research our locations and use our own personal experience to create the best programs possible.
  • We know our people.  We hand select each adult leader and local families that our involved in our program.  
  • We aren't following a prescribed script, but rather believe in authentic experience.  We push ourselves continuously to change and evolve our programming to meet the needs of the youth we work with. 
  • Our commitment to sustainability and respect for the communities and natural world we engage with is our utmost priority.  Our bonds with local people and the natural world our what keep us inspired.